Table lamp

The VIR.J lamp consists of a 3 cm thick varnished wood base with a half-moon-shaped pivoting lower section. his part of the base is used both to reinforce the base and to store it..
The lampshade is completely independent. It is made using the pleating technique. It can be made of paper or plastic, and is available in a variety of colors..
This lamp project, supplied with several shades, was designed to allow the user to customize the shade to suit the atmosphere and the event.
Unattached, the shade is held in place by the tension it exerts on the arms of the base.

The packaging

Comprising a base and several shades, the folded lamp fits into a 4 cm-deep box.
Installation is extremely easy, for optimum stability, the half-moon is positioned perpendicular to the support, then the shade is placed on the support.
The lampshade doesn’t require any fastening, simply sliding along the two arms to form a cylindrical shape around the bulb.